Espresso coffee is concocted by using high-pressure hot water with very fine ground coffee powder.

Concocted by this method, the coffee is very dark and on the surface there is a brown foam layer called crema. Crema plays a very important role in making standard espresso with a scent extracted directly from coffee beans.

Although it is merely a brewing method, when classifying into different kinds of coffee, espresso is still separated by its distinctive character, its complexity in brewing and even its popularity. This method requires the distinctive roasting, grinding and brewing procedure of espresso.

Today, espresso has become so popular that if you have never drunk espresso, it is like you have not yet entered the world of coffee. If coffee is considered as a kind of art, the one who knows the full flavor of sweet, bitter, and sour coffee will surely be an artist.

How do Vietnamese drink coffee?

People are very familiar with the use of coffee makers to make Italian coffee, what about traditional Vietnamese coffee? In fact, you can completely use the coffee maker,  in a relatively short time, to make a cup of coffee with a golden cream layer on the surface which is just the same as an espresso shot with strong Vietnamese style.

Using a coffee maker to make Vietnamese coffee will be easier for coffee shops which want to save time or simply want to experience the new and mordern style of coffee but still want to keep the traditional cachet of Vietnamese coffee.

Coffee is that. It is always found changing and moving non-stop everyday!

Why are more and more Vietnamese drinking brewed coffee?

Vietnamese do not consider coffee as a fast drink which has the anti-sleepy effect as Westerners do. In fact, we treat coffee as a “friend” of our emotions. We drink coffee when happy, when sad, when we want to confide in, gradually coffee becomes our habit.

Filter coffee is kind of Vietnamese culture. We love the experience of watching drops of coffee fall, contemplating many things. Bringing romance into coffee, we learn the patience and know that what delicious, attractive is worth waiting for. Also, thanks to coffee we learn to cherish the things which may seem simple but actually sophisticated.

Perhaps regarding the coffee enjoyment of Vietnamese, we will have a lot to say. But for sure, coffee is the beginning of a (few) conversation between friends. Sometimes you choose a coffee shop to sip your coffee, sometimes you make yourself a cup of coffee. Every thing has its own fun, isn’t it?!