I love coffee. I believe that those who have been reading the articles on Fefe page also love coffee just like me, or at least you feel excited about it. So we have something in common! I will start the series “The Story of Coffee” right now, but I have to say in advance that I’m not an expert who knows everything. I will simply tell you how wonderful coffee is to me …

The story of coffee today is about a hot cup of cappuccino. People may choose to be  baristas for a variety of reasons, but surely more than half of them are mesmerized by cappuccino with its elaborate artworks which are created by the hands of baristas. They will be eager to make those artworks before making the basic shot of espresso… Well, I’m not talking about it today.

In my opinion, a good cup of cappuccino should have a thick foam layer with a ratio of 1: 1: 1 (espresso – milk – foam). You may wonder if it is hard to make a cup of cappuccino by yourself? Not at all. But it’s not easy either. You can learn to make coffee at many coffee shops, but almost the teachers just teach you the basics: espresso, stream milk, basic artworks… The remaining 70% depends on your will and effort. Being able to make a cup of coffee for yourself is quite interesting. And don’t forget to order a hot croissant!

I have always thought that the most delicious cup of cappuccino will not exist in the world. Because nothing is absolute, the cup of cappucino you are drinking today can only be better than the previous ones. People may drink espresso and cappuccino to evaluate the skill of a true barista. Sometimes, they just simply sip their coffee. And you, which reasons lead you to coffee?