Make coffee with all the excitement available and practice everyday.

Certainly, when you are not interested, not to mention when you are annoyed, you can not do anything. Still that shot of Espresso, but will it have the taste as expected? Still that nice-looking cup of cappuccino, but is the coffee and milk well-mixed? Or is the cup of hot V60 too sour now? After each cup of coffee, what remains is what I think I should pay more attention…

When I started to make coffee, I tried to put myself in a framework. That is to say, at that time that day, I had to make coffee. But there are sunny also rainy days. There is happy time also there is time when the mood is depressed. Obviously when you can not put all the excitement into the cup of coffee you make, the results are always bad. At that time, I often asked myself “What do I make coffee for?”

Coffee without its specific characteristics will not be delicious. Don’t bind the taste of coffee with your emotions when you can not spend the whole heart for it. Also, don’t be too strict and negative with the cup of coffee we are pursuing.

Coffee is the feeling. The feeling in some respects is the freedom within a framework. Let’s be free and let the feeling tell what it would like to say!