Today’s topic seems to be “heavy”, isn’t it? Envy is a habit or simply a human instinct that everyone has more or less.

When you were a child, seeing your friends have pretty toys that you did not have, you felt a bit envious. When you grew up, seeing your friends have beautiful clothes that you looked back your wardrobe, all the clothes seemed so… ugly, you felt envious again. In addition, you have been to school and done as many assignments as the others have, you can not always be like them. You feel envious,don’t you? I admit that I do, how about you?


Envy turns into effort. Everyone needs to grow up, especially when you enter the business with the burning passion rather than the ordinary envy. Every field is quite similar in nature, success always comes with effort and good luck. Coffee is the same. There are people who do “art” beautifully, who “pour” deliciously, and make espresso smoothly… If I keep feeling envious, I’m not sure how far and long can I go in the industry. Beauty is always present everywhere, there are good people, there are definitely better ones. The importance of envy does not stop at thinking how to “possess” it. Entering the job, you must know to leave the little envies behind…

I don’t think that there is someone who is too perfect to be replaced. Life is that! No need to win anyone else, just overcome yourself to do what you like, pursue what you love, one day you will find yourself “mature” than before a lot. With coffee, just try it. Drink coffee everyday to create a habit, turn strangeness into familiarity, turn envy into development motivation, why not?